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Performance & General Information

Performance & General Information: This is the information that will be published in the auction catalog. Please do a write up that will best represent and promote your stallion. Remember to include show record and offspring show record, futurities nominated to, Breeders Trust Eligible and anything else that will promote your stallion. Space is limited, if necessary the NWSSA Committee will edit as needed to space available.


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Registered with: APHA PtHA AQHA JC (Check all that apply)


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HYPP Status: N/N N/H H/H Unknown Not applicable (not Impressive bred)


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Mare Care/day: $ wet / $ dry


Chute Fee: $ One time/Season Each Shipment


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Please email High Quality Image file to nwssa@nwssa.com.

Breeding to be auctioned off to the highest bidder at the 2016 Online Northwest Stallion Service Auction. This breeding service is for the 2017 breeding season.

Stallion Owner understands & agrees that this donated breeding service includes a live foal guarantee and should the mare fail to produce a live foal in 2018, a return breeding service will be honored the following season only.  



I / We certify that said stallion is at least 2 years old and is free of the following defects: Parrot Mouth (under or over shot) Cryptorchid or Monorchid, is a minimum of 14 hands tall at the withers & does not rack or pace. If stallion has parrot mouth, cryptorchid or monorchid, is under 14 hands tall, or does not travel with a true trot, this information must be listed in the published catalog or service will not be sold.  I / We guarantee that if breeding via shipped semen is offered on said stallion his semen meets or exceeds acceptable industry standards for semen quality.  I/We, as the stallion owner, certify that all of the information provided on this contract is true & accurate.    This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Washington. If this signed Application/Contract is accepted by the NWSSA, it will then become binding on all parties and participation is subject to this Contract & the 2016 North West Stallion Service Auction Rules, as published and attached.


I hereby certify the above information is true to the best of my knowledge: Yes No


I certify that I have read and accept the NWSSA 2016 Rules and Regulations: Yes No


Signature: By typing in your signature you are agreeing to the 2016 NWSSA Rules & Regulation.


You have enter into a legally binding contract to provide a breeding to be auctioned at our Online Auction to begin September 26, 2016 and will end October 3, 2016 eastern time. You are responsible for reading the 2016 NWSSA Rules & Regulations, the Stallion Owner assumes all responsibility for information listed in the NWSSA Online & Print Directory.


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